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Laptop and PC Repair

ASN Computer is certified in repairing, refurbishing and upgrading ALL name-brand laptops and desktop computers. We have the ability to do motherboard-level repairs as well, which separates us from many of our competitors. We stock myriad parts right here in our store to give you convenience and faster turnarounds. For all of your Mac and PC repair needs, turn to us!

We can repair any problem, guaranteed.

If we can’t fix if it, you don’t pay!

Below are just a few of the problems that we can handle easily:

· LCD Screen Dim, Shadows on Screen

· Broken/Shattered LCD Screens

· DC Jack / AC Adapter Port Loose or Broken

· Broken Casing, Parts of the Laptop

· Motherboard Malfunctioning, Computer Freezes

· Heat issues, Noise, Dust And Debris

· Blue Screens, Black Screens, etc.

· Component and Memory Issues

· Wireless Card Connectivity Issues

· Video Card Problems

· Computer Does Not Boot or Sits on Blank Screen

· No Display

· Inverter Board Issues

· BGA Problems

· Dead Power Chips

· Mini PCB issues

· Blown Capacitors.

· Broken or Malfunctioning Keyboards

· Optical Drive Problems

· And More